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What is BLAB? is the latest live streaming tool that seems to float somewhere between Google Hangouts and Periscope. It’s still in beta, so it’s evolving daily. But this platform has real potential to be a vital part of your business’ social media strategy.

I believe BLAB is going to be a great forum for travel and tourism professionals to grow their customer base, spread their brand, and position themselves as a trusted source.

Currently, there are three categories in BLAB – Tech, Business, and General (Business was actually just added during the writing of this post!). However, I think they’ll likely replace the “General” tab with specific titles like: Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Religion, Marketing, etc.

Here are some ways I think travel and tourism businesses can use BLAB right now.

Travel Agents

Travel agents can use BLAB to host a variety of informational sessions. Topics could include current cruise or vacation deals, highlight a specific destination (possibilities are endless here!), or offer “how to” advice from a travel professional (packing tips, budget travel, or best family friendly resorts).

CVB/Tourism Boards

Larger CVBs have a wide scope of opportunities. Big cities teem with restaurants and attractions unique to their locale. Insider guides to lesser-known places are also extremely popular. CVBs and tourism boards could also co-host regularly with local business owners (tour guides, restaurant owners, museum docents, and the like).


I see a lot of traction here with doing BLABs about local events you’re involved in. Resort and hotel managers could also host a blab with the chef of their onsite restaurant. The chef could answer culinary questions or share a recipe. Is there a festival in your area? Get with local festival organizers and co-host a BLAB about festival events.

I’m sure as BLAB evolves and grows, there will be countless other ways travel and tourism businesses can use it as an effective marketing tool. If you haven’t checked BLAB out yet, you should. Let me know what your thoughts are when you do. And don’t forget to look me up!

Do you need help ramping up your social media efforts? Give me a call! Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, or BLAB, I can help you devise a strategy and expand your outreach.