We just returned from our first family Disney cruise experience. Joe and I have cruised before, but this was our first with Disney; and the girls have never cruised at all.

I don’t know which I enjoyed the most – the cruise itself or seeing the girls’ reaction to everything. Frequent Disney character greets, many kid-focused activities, and buffet pizza whenever they wanted it -it was almost more than their little five- and eight-year-old selves could take.

Also, with the kids having the time of their lives in their clubs, mom and dad could chill out and reconnect by the pool. Kids’ activities are extended to Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) at Scuttle’s Cove. Treasure hunts, obstacle courses and the like are offered (and enjoyed immensely). Actually, when we went to pick up the girls, they said “no thanks!”, and informed us we could pick them up later.

It’s easy to see why Disney cruises are so popular. They really seem to have thought of everything. I guess that’s why so many people do it over and over – and why we’re already gearing up for Disney cruise number two!