One of my absolute favorite things about getting to do book signings is getting to meet people I don’t know yet. I love sharing stories of family, comparing favorite books, and discovering how much we have in common with one another.

One theme that continues to bless me is genuine encouragement from complete strangers. Even if someone has no interest in buying a children’s book, many times they will take the time to stop and say “Congratulations!” or “Good for you!” before heading to the travel or news section. 

At one signing, I had the pleasure of meeting an older widow with no children (she had explained why she wasn’t buying a book). I learned she had been an acclaimed opera singer, her husband had worked for the government, and that they had traveled all over the world during their marriage. She encouraged me to continue to pursue my dream, and wished me success in future ventures. A while after she left my table, she returned with a cafe mocha. “I thought you might need a pick-me-up this time of the afternoon,” she explained.

I thanked her profusely. I hope she knows how much her coffee and conversation meant to me.