This was a devotion I wrote for Proverbs 31. I wanted to re-post it here because I needed to be reminded of what I need to learn! Hope it blesses you in some way.


1 Chronicles 29: 9a,  “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord.” (NKJ)

I’m somewhat of a “germ-o-phobe”. I rejoiced when the grocery store installed sanitizing wipes by the carts (so I didn’t have to use my own!).  And if I can use a public facility without touching a single thing, I’m a happy camper.

One day, as Peyton (my eight-year-old daughter) and I were leaving the Target restroom, she did something remarkable. Without a word, she reached for a paper towel, and proceeded to use it to open the door so she wouldn’t touch the handle. I was so proud. All my “you never know how well other people wash their hands” speeches finally paid off.

I was reminded how kids really do emulate what they see – good or bad. Whether it’s obsessive compulsive behaviors or other things we do in our lives, we are teachers – plain and simple. Do our kids see us open our Bible very often? Do they hear us pray regularly? Do they see how we give our tithes and time back to God – through our church and to others in need?

King David is an excellent example for us to look at. In 1 Chronicles 29, we see that David gave his personal fortune to be used in the building of the temple – that was over and above everything he had already provided!

The leaders responded to their king’s actions (and to his challenge to them to do the same).  “Then the leaders of families, the officers of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, and the officials in charge of the king’s work gave willingly.” (verse 6).

As a result, the example set by King David and his leaders was very well received by the people. They witnessed firsthand abundant, sacrificial giving, and responded by outright praise and rejoicing. What a wonderful picture of how we should give, and how we should respond.

If we make a concerted effort to include our children in our spiritual growth, we can be assured that the Lord will bless those efforts. For example, over the past few years I’ve become an “out loud” pray-er and praiser. Sometimes it’s a quick prayer of healing or comfort for victims of a car accident we pass. Other times it can be a loud praise song in the middle of my kitchen.

Just when I least expected it, my daughter once again showed me she was watching. She was playing with her Barbie doll in the back seat of the car one day. “Hey look Mommy,” she called to me. I glanced back from the passenger’s side. She had her dolls arm up. “Oh, is Barbie waving to me?” I inquired. “No.” she replied, a little put out by my poor observation skills. “She’s praising.”

Thank you Lord!

There have been plenty of times, though, I’ve been a very poor example for my children. Through my impatience and critical nature, I give them many examples of how not to act. However, I can rejoice in the knowledge that my children will also see when I get it right.

My Prayer For Today:

Lord, I pray that through my example, my children can learn the importance of giving ourselves wholeheartedly to You. Help me to always remember to follow Your lead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.