It was one of those days in our world of homeschooling. Frequent eye rolls, complaining and bickering throughout our morning lessons. I really did my best to be patient. I tried to keep my voice calm – despite having to sometimes  raise it above their elevated voices. Somehow amidst the “Why do I have to!?”, “I’m tired!” and the “Make her stop it!”, we managed to finish our morning school work. Finally – lunch. The girls ran outside to play as I headed to the kitchen.

While stirring the macaroni noodles, my thoughts poured over the morning’s events. Lord, I prayed. What is up with this day? I started the day with prayer and everything! I prayed for school! I mean, really!?

Then it occurred to me (Holy Spirit driven, I’m sure!) – imagine what the morning would have been like had you not prayed. 

Ouch. I think I get the point now.