If anyone says motherhood was easy, they are either referring to their pet hamsters or they are heavily medicated. I’ll admit, I used to beat myself up over not getting things done perfectly. After I got over that, I would occasionally beat myself up over not getting things done at all.

Over the past (almost) nine years of motherhood, I’ve made a few compromises. Some I can live with, many I rejoice in. Here are a few items that keep me somewhat sane and walking upright.

  • Sometimes I under load the dishwasher so I have less dishes to put away
  • Many summer baths for the girls are their time in the pool – chlorine cleans, right?
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 
  • If it is broke, hide it, duct tape it or throw it away
  • Sliding through the kitchen wearing socks counts as sweeping
  • Moving a coaster around before putting your glass on it counts as dusting
  • No visible stains on the shirt? It’s good for at least one more wear before washing it
  • The glamour poof will always be in style for me – it makes the simple ponytail look like I actually tried

The most important lesson I’ve learned is:

  • The word “no” is now in my vocabulary. If I can’t do it, someone else will.