The other day as I was making lunch (and apparently taking too long to do so), my younger daughter began her “I’m hungry”  diatribe.

“Can I have a snack?”

“Sure, you can have an apple, banana or some carrot sticks.”

“Can I have chips?”

“No, you can have a fruit or a vegetable because you haven’t had lunch yet.”

“Can I have a cookie?”

“No, you can have a fruit or a veggie.”

And so it went. She continued to complain and whine, yet refused every offer of healthier options to stave off her hunger.

We got to the point in our verbal tennis match that I almost laughed because it was so ridiculous. Later, I thought of our exchange and realized how I act the exact same way in my spiritual life. How many times has God offered me what I need to fill my void? Instead of opting for His presence, filling up on His word and being sated by a little quiet time with Him, I whine and complain for the meaningless, “unhealthy” things of life. Watching television or spending to much time on my computer often rob me of quality time with God. Maybe I could stand to listen to my own rules for my children once in a while!

My daughter finally caved in and decided an apple would fit the bill until lunch was on the table. In addition, I decided opening my Bible before my laptop would be the healthier option for me, too.