This is a tough time of the year for me, as I’m sure it is for many homeschoolers. More cold and rainy days than warm and sunny days seem to push me into a state of, dare I say, apathy. Curricula that was shiny and crisp is now worn and tired. The bubbly excitement of a school year has waned.

I’ll admit I have let these feelings affect my homeschooling way more than I should. Instead of having two – even three weeks of lessons planned in advance, I often fill in the planner during our school day. As a result, our lessons suffer. Often times awesome side projects or activities that would have greatly enhanced our lesson were abandoned because I failed to plan.

I know we all have lulls in our homeschooling routine, and sometimes they can be beneficial. Who doesn’t need a time to recharge once in awhile? What I need to remember is that the lulls mustn’t control me. I must control them. A “rest” period can consist of a trip to our local park for a nature hike; taking a break from our regular subjects to do a unit study on something the girls are interested in; or declaring a “craft” week to scrapbook, make clay projects, or learning to sew.

The bottom line is, God has called me to this task of homeschooling my daughters. When I haphazardly plan our school, I’m not giving this task the attention it deserves – and I’m certainly not living in His will. It is God’s priority for me, therefore it is my priority – I should treat it as such.

Lord, help me rise to the occasion on every task You have for me – especially in the area of educating my children. Please forgive me when I fail to do so because of apathy on my part.