Dear Peyton and Madden,

One thing I’ve noticed during our years of homeschooling, is how well you two get along. Yes, there is the occasional tiff – and sometimes it’s not so occasional. However, mostly you play exceptionally well together. There are also times when you might be arguing one minute, then sticking up for one another the next. I really love that.

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Sisters have a special bond. Yes, I know there are exceptions in every family – thankfully, not mine. As I think about how glad I am you have each other, I want you to also know my hope for you.

Here’s what I want for you as sisters:

1. Always have each others’ backs. You may be the only one doing so at the time.
2. Be nice to one another – whether you’re alone, or around other people. It’s important.
3. Choose your words carefully. Hurtful words spoken carelessly can last a long time – sometimes forever.
4. Be each others’ biggest fans. It won’t matter who else is cheering.
5. Tell each other secrets, and keep them.
6. Always say “I love you” – and mean it.