I was in a waiting room the other day, and picked up a complimentary copy of a woman’s magazine, Today’s Charlotte Woman. The cover seemed relevant enough – it showed a picture of a woman. What I found on the inside, however, perturbed me to a state of slight anger.
Page after page, I was inundated with ads touting celebrity white teeth, Botox injections, “quick” fat loss treatments, plastic surgery and other cosmetic “enhancements”. Ten such ads were in the first 14 pages. One ad showing an extremely airbrushed looking 50-something woman even read: “Confidence in my doctor…in my results…in me.”
Is this really today’s woman? I may be in the minority, but I refuse to believe that.
I believe that today’s woman sees the laugh lines and remembers those moments she earned them.
Today’s woman notices the stretch marks and quietly thanks God for the children who gave them to her.
Today’s woman runs or works out to stay strong and be healthy, not to achieve an unrealistic “Hollywood” image goal.
Today’s woman can be confident and secure in the fact that she is loved by and beautiful to the God Whom created her.

My prayer today: Lord, help me see myself as you see me – not as the world sees me. Remind me that You have created me an original, amazing, and strong woman, and that I am beautiful to You. Help me focus on the number of lives I can change today, instead of the number on the scale.