For years, my husband has complained about Valentine’s Day.

“Why do I have to buy flowers or candy just because it’s Valentine’s Day? I could get you flowers every day of the year, and just because I don’t do something on Valentine’s Day, I’m instantly a jerk.”

Some of you ladies may need to stop reading here. Because it’s like this.

I agree with him 100%. Why does he have to do something special just because it’s February 14th?

He shows he loves me by finishing the laundry I’ve let go.

He shows he loves me by putting air in the tire I’ve neglected for weeks (and I think he actually did that on Valentine weekend!).

He shows he loves me by bringing me my favorite biscuit sandwich (in a cooler!) from our favorite breakfast place during his last trip to our hometown.

He shows me he loves me by making the bed. Every. Morning.

And, yes, he shows me he loves me by telling me so several times a day – and meaning it.

I realize I may be in the minority of women with husbands who do these kinds of things. But I hope I’m not.

I also hope that if your husband is consistent in showing you his love often – even in small ways – that you take note. You might even want to send him flowers this year.