I’ll be honest. I used to be a little uptight as a mom. I know, coming from someone with purple hair, it might be hard to believe. It’s true, though – especially with my first daughter.

Over the years, I’ve mellowed substantially. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m now in a comfortable spot in my 40s, or if my kids have finally worn me down. Either way, here are a few signs that have led me to believe I’m fully committed to this mom thing (or will be fully committed to an institution before the journey’s over!).

Top 10 Signs You Have Embraced Motherhood

1. You stop obsessing about the dirty fingerprints on the walls. And on the windows. And on the refrigerator. And most flat surfaces in your home.

2. You find yourself singing – word for word – Disney channel songs often (and many times when you’re by yourself).

3. When someone says the words “duty” or “number two” you laugh out loud and point at them.

4. Your daughter asks permission to “cut and style” her Barbie doll’s hair, and you grant it without hesitation.

5. Your house usually smells like Goldfish or chicken nuggets – and you’re okay with that.

6. The last movie you saw that was PG-13 or stronger was sometime in the late 90s.

7. Showers really just aren’t a priority anymore.

8. If you are sans kids for more than a 24-hour stretch, you start to get a panicky feeling.

9. A popsicle at 10 a.m.? Absolutely!

10. You know you have the best job on the planet, and dare anyone to tell you different!