It all started when I realized I didn’t have any tomatoes for my turkey sandwiches. I didn’t want to waste the smoked turkey and Gruyere cheese I bought on special from Harris Teeter, so I had to improvise. Roasted red peppers? Why yes, thank you!

Before I knew it, I had slapped together and created probably the best panini sandwich I’ve ever made. I felt all Panera Breadish and stuff. The girls were even impressed. I’m actually typing with one hand, as I’m still patting my own back.

Here’s the lowdown if you want to make it at home. It’s crazy easy.

I took a couple slices of French Peasant bread (from Breadsmith), but you can use whatever Artisan bread you’re partial to. I spread a little butter on one side of each piece. On my sandwich, I also slathered pesto sauce on the inside of one of the pieces. Everything’s better with pesto. Then, I just piled everything on.

It went like this: cheese, turkey, roasted red peppers, cheese.

Told you it was easy.

I put it on the grill. I refuse to spend money on a panini maker, when I have a perfectly good iron skillet (free from my dad. Thanks, Dad!).

After the cheese was adequately melted, I just plated it up with a Ceasar salad and some grapes. It looked a lot prettier than my picture-taking abilities reveal. Also, I was so hungry I didn’t want to waste precious eating time trying to get the perfect shot. (I’ll practice before my next food post, promise!)

I have a feeling I’ll be making this sandwich a few more times in the future. Enjoy!