I’m not really one of those school-through-the-summer” homeschoolers. I wish I could be, but frankly, I need a break, too. I do try to throw in as many “learning opportunities” as I can, but most of the times they can see right through me. “Oh come on Mom, it’s summer!”

That’s why I get so excited when they end up creating their own learning experiences. Their latest adventure is a club they formed with their BFFs (who conveniently live right behind us). The “Frog Friends” have a clear mission – to scour the neighborhood yards and woods for every shape, size and species of frogs.


They have a catch and release program. Actually, it’s a catch-observe-Google for species information-kiss it on the head-and-release program. You know what I mean. They’ve even made Frog Friends bracelets, and document their finds in a nature journal.

So, I haven’t really minded that bedtime has somehow gotten pushed to 10 pm or later. I mean, geesh, you can’t hunt frogs in the daylight.

It’s amazing how simple homeschooling can be sometimes – when I’m not the one running it!