Despite the fact that there are Christmas trees and decorations lining the shelves of Walmart, we still have two holidays to celebrate. I, for one, have been looking forward to Halloween for several months now. Hubby and I were away on a cruise last year and missed our first official Halloween in our new neighborhood. I’m totally making up for that this year!

Themed dinners have always appealed to me for some reason. What better time to implement a theme than Halloween? So, for the past few weeks, I’ve scoured the Internet and October magazines for great meal ideas (and have developed a Pinterest addiction in the process – but that’s another post!).

Since our weeks are kind of packed with evening activities, I’ve decided to start our Halloween menu on Thursday. It works, though, giving me five nights of ghoulish surprises for my family.

I was going to give you a play by play of the recipes I’m going to make, but I’m finding it difficult to narrow my list down to five. Here are a few pics of the ones I’m definitely using.

Taco salad that has its "eyes" on you!

Gotta have Mummy Dogs!

Might save the "Meat Hand" for the 31st! Go out with a macabre bang!

Below are also some great links to find wonderful ideas. If you’re on Pinterest, I have a “holidays – all” board with decorating and foodie stuff I’m going to try and implement this year! If you have some favorites, please share!

Happy Halloween!

Pineapple Hill Designs

Ready, Set, Craft

Happy Cake Crafts

The Lennoxx

Martha Stewart