I have this friend, Amie Berryhill. Everyone needs an Amie. She has this infectious optimism that puts you in a good mood within about three seconds of being in her midst.

We’ve signed up to do the Shamrock Four-Miler race this weekend, and have been pumping ourselves up for it. I texted her today to remind her that if we could complete a grueling mud run (which we did last year!), we could definitely rock this out. She texted back with this reply: “As long as I have a buddy, I can do anything.”

She’s so right! Isn’t that the way it should be? We all need buddies. Encouragers, accountability partners, burden bearers – buddies wear many hats.

The bible seems to highlight the importance of having buddies. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is a good example.

Jesus had buddies. His ministry was all about establishing relationships to show who He was. Relationships were important to Him, so they should be important to us.

I’m thankful for my buddies. I only pray that I give to them the support, encouragement and joy they give me.