And just like that, school begins (for us on Monday). My head is practically spinning from the speed at which this summer has passed. We’ve packed in a lot, though – the beach, camps, the girls’ first camping trip (success!), book reading, and lazy days by the pool.

There were a few things I didn’t get around to doing – turning my yard into a floral wonderland, building a cat scratch tower for Georgia, climbing Mt. Everest, or learning how to can vegetables. But I have a little more time – perhaps that tower might come to fruition over the weekend. Doubtful, though.

While I’m sad to see the relaxed pace of our lives rev up to a steady hum, I’m somewhat looking forward to having a schedule again. I seem to work better that way. For some reason, when I have more to do, I’m less likely to procrastinate.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll still be able manage to squeeze in a cat tower and a mountain climb in between the homeschooling, field trips, art classes and music lessons. Canning will have to wait to spring, I’m afraid – but then, there’s always Christmas break!

Blessings on your Friday!