I know we have a little time before Thanksgiving (though the shelves at Walmart indicate otherwise!). However, I’m just in a grateful mood today, and I just couldn’t escape the beautiful alliteration of this post’s title. I’m a nerd like that.

I thought I would share a few things I’m thankful for. The list is in no way exhaustive. It could be (maybe) – if I made this a weekly theme that continued until my bony, arthritic, 100-year-old hands could no longer peck out my blessings. Of course, by then, I would probably just record my blog as some sort of hologram.

Disclaimer: this list is not in order from favorites to after thoughts. I had to add that after I unknowingly placed cheeseburgers before my husband on an “I love” list in my journal. I was hungry, okay?!

I am thankful for..

My family – every last beautiful, ridiculous, funny, smart and weird one of them; my friends (who are just like extra family); my Bible – it’s old, ripped, written in and heavy; coffee; the beach (pause here to daydream); comfortable shoes; uncomfortable shoes – if they are really cute; breakfast foods; my health; salvation; the ability to laugh at myself (and sometimes others, if they’re okay with that); movie popcorn; strangers who smile back when I smile first; strangers who smile first; Spanx; four seasons (not the group, though I’m a fan of the oldies); pickle slices with deli sandwiches; music; babies (Any baby. They are all precious and smell really good most of the time.); thunderstorms; egg rolls; libraries; farmers markets; the sense of smell – actually, I’m a big fan of all my senses; old family photographs; and dogs.

I’m sure more will come to mind once I hit “post”. It’s a good start, though.

Please comment back about things you are thankful for!