I visited this web site the other day and was pretty embarrassed. I hadn’t realized it had been SOOO long since I had blogged last. I mulled over what could have caused such a hiatus – the busy holidays, the new year, too many things to do, yadda yadda yadda. After creating my litany of excuses, I attempted to brainstorm on things to write.  I came up with a few thoughts.

My first thought was – who really cares what I have to say? I often read other bloggers and envy their witty or thought-provoking prose. Often people have a “shtick” (i.e.: healthy eating, eco-friendly tips, parental advice). Or, they’re famous, so people will read whatever dribble they puke out. I don’t have a shtick, really. And, I’m not a celebrity, so there’s that.

After pondering my first thought (and concluding the “I’m not as big deal as I thought” pity party), I came to my second notion. I need to write. For me. That’s what a blog’s about anyway, right?

So, that’s where we are. Hopefully, my need to write will translate into something read-worthy for you (and lots of your friends!). Feel free to share any comments or ideas you have. I love dialog!