Rosemond AffulA few weeks ago I signed up to be a blogger for Compassion International. It’s this incredibly cool program that began five years ago to enable bloggers to help raise awareness about the impoverished children the world.

Assignments of different topics go out once to twice a month via email, and are chocked full of creative ideas to raise awareness for children in poverty through our blogs. You can read more about it here:

For this month’s assignment, we were invited to attend a Twitter party – and lured by the mention of a surprise announcement! What an incredible announcement it was – the unveiling of the Compassion Bloggers Rewards Program.

It’s not just a rewards program to pat frequent bloggers on the back. That’s what I love about Compassion. Bloggers receive a tracking code to post on our blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  When someone signs up to sponsor a child as a result of the post, this will enable us to be able to track how many children we help release from poverty through the blog. In addition, through blogging assignments, we can earn rewards for our sponsored child’s family. Each of the first ten sponsorships will earn my sponsored child’s family a $25 family gift! Sponsorships between 11 and 25 will earn my sponsored child’s family a $50 family gift! How amazing is that!? To be able to do go over and above our support of Rosemond, our sponsored daughter in Ghana, is huge blessing.

Click here for more information about the rewards program.

I’m so thankful to have come across this opportunity to blog for Compassion a few weeks ago. Honestly, I’ve struggled with this whole blogging thing for a while. I’ve never wanted my posts to be like “Hey! This post is about ME today, and so will every single post after it!” Readers would sob with boredom anyway. I’m excited to be able to write about issues that make my heart beat faster than I can type.

So blogging friends, here is my challenge to you. Join the Compassion Bloggers Network, too! Just click here: