Someone's excited!

Someone’s excited!

After eight years of waking up when we want, doing Math lessons in our pajamas and taking “Starbucks breaks” mid school day, we’ve decided to enter the realm of public school this year. I’m just gonna be all real here. I pouted and went kicking and screaming most of the way before giving in. Seventy-five percent of the family was ALL in while we were still home schooling last year. But I was a harder sell. Of course, after enough harried, brain-fried days – I warmed up to the idea soon enough.

Thank you LORD for my friends and neighbors who have lovingly and patiently guided me through the process! They’ve answered my bajillion questions about bus schedules, school web page log-ins, back packs, and school supplies – all the while NOT asking me (to my face, at least) how in the WORLD did I ever manage to educate my own children this long if figuring out these simple tasks seemed to elude me?

Tomorrow’s the day. I have no doubt it will be harder on me than it will be on the girls. Thing One has successfully opened and closed her combination lock for the past seven hours, and Thing Two’s outfits for the next three days are laid neatly out on her floor.

Plus, they know stuff. Our ten-year-old’s prayer at the dinner table was “Lord, help us to get acclimated quickly to public school.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t personally know many adults who throw around the word “acclimated” in a sentence.

And they’re not socially awkward, these two. They’ve been schooling me on the ways of school, so to speak – what a smart board is, and why it’s good to sit in the front row (those American Girl handbooks really came in handy!).Fashion week

For me – actually, two of my dear friends are babysitting me for the morning. We’ll do brunch somewhere (which may or may not include an adult beverage to calm my already frayed nerves), and partake in a little retail therapy.

I just need to remember that the same God whom carried us through eight years of homeschooling will still be carrying us through the remaining years of education – public, homeschooling, whatever we choose to do.

I know it will be great. Transitions can just suck sometimes, yes? My heart is actually palpitating as I pen this post. True story.