Isn't she stunning?

Isn’t she stunning?

This is my amazing friend, Meghan. There are more than 1,000 reasons I love her so. But the main one is that her heart is freakishly big. Seriously. I think her rib cage must often strain from the pressure.

An example of what flows from that huge heart is the Birchcroft Free Yard Sale, which my family was blessed to take part in this morning. Birchcroft is an affordable housing complex near the Plaza Midwood area of Central Avenue. It’s a neighborhood made up largely of refugees from war-torn Nepal. Though there are other nationalities represented, the majority of Birchcroft residents are refugees.


Meghan’s church, Renovatus, has been extremely active in the Birchcroft community. They often host events like outdoor movie nights; an annual Thanksgiving feast for the residents;  set up a bounce house for the kids; or just show up on random days to play soccer, bring flowers or hand out cupcakes for the kids.

“It’s really just whatever goodness your imagination can hold,” Meghan said. “These grateful people will receive it.”

Initially, Meghan’s idea was to organize a winter coat drive for the residents.

“I was going through our winter things and realized my kids had like three coats each,” said Meghan. “I realized that we just had too much, and those in the Birchcroft community could benefit from ours and others’ excess.”

10103867776_9c63e0cdd6As Meghan shared her idea with others, people asked to help beyond winter wardrobes. What began as a winter coat drive soon became a full out yard sale – free of charge.






Today’s yard sale also included free baked goods and face painting for the kids. Who knows what the spring yard sale will entail?10103944273_ddc14a7d8e_b

So friends, here’s my challenge to you. Instead of having your own yard sale in your drive way next time, why not take it on the road? Find a local community similar to Birchcroft and take it there.






Or, if you live in our area, we are already planning for the next one. We’d be happy to take your items! If you’d like to be in on it, let us know. The more the merrier!

If you have any questions about organizing your own free yard sale, Meghan said it’s cool if you email her. You can do so at