On this 21st day of November, 21 years ago, my sweet man and I took the plunge into the wedded world. Don’t we look cute up there all sparkly eyed and smooth skinned? I wanted to come up with something unique to mark the whole “21 on 21” occasion. Historically, I suck at anniversary gifts – and this attempt may qualify as lame (I guess he will be the judge when he reads it). The only time I really scored was when I had his favorite hot dogs shipped from our hometown to where we currently live. He’s always been incredibly creative, though. He’s raised the bar pretty freaking high. We truly are Modern Family’s Phil and Claire when it comes to anniversaries.

Since I needed to write a blog post anyway (I’m efficient like that), I thought I’d wax poetic about how awesome my handsome dude is. What better way to do that than in a numbered list? I do believe that including lists in blogs is like a top five rule of blog writing or something. I read it on a listed blog somewhere.

So, attention men: if you want to know how to make your woman swoon, keep her attention, and show her what it means to feel loved at all times, take note. Here are 21 ways you can do that.

21 Reasons I’m the Luckiest Girl in the World:

21. He smells good – mostly because of his sexy cologne, but good hygiene has always been a priority. I totally appreciate that.

20. He makes the bed. Every. Single. Morning. Unless I’m still in it – but I really try not to be because I hate making the bed.

19. He encourages my individuality. Whether it’s the ink on my skin or the rainbow in my hair, I love that he approves of my need to be my own person.

18. He tempers my craziness. My whims are often and unchained. A level of sensibility in the household is always a good thing.

17. He makes pretty kids. I mean, seriously, have you seen our daughters? I am not looking forward to the dating years.

16. When the girls were little tots and I asked if he could watch them, his response was always “They’re my kids, too. You don’t have to ask me!” Dude, I’ve known way too many women whose husbands got their panties all in a wad whenever they had to babysit for a night while the mom went out for a glass of wine with the girls. Whether you realize it or not, Joe Tolley, you are a rare breed.

15. He makes a mean stack of pancakes.

14. He’s been known to write a love note or two over the years. *sigh*

13. I still get butterflies sometimes when we go out on dates.

12. I know, no matter what, he’s got my back.

11. He lets me know he appreciates me – and does so often.

10. He says “I love you” every day – and I know he means it.

9.  He gives me good advice without sugar coating.

8. He loves Jesus more than he loves me.

7. He always kisses me goodnight.

6. No matter what my weight has been over the years, he has always made me feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

5. He has my same warped, wicked sense of humor.

4. He kisses me goodbye and hello every single day.

3. He tweets all my blog posts even though his followers may not give a rat’s ass what I have to say. That means a lot.

2. He’s as giddy for travel adventures as I am.

1. He’s put up with my crap for 21 years, so he must be something pretty special! 🙂