Photo courtesy of Brian Wolfe - Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Brian Wolfe – Creative Commons


Last month I learned about this amazing movement that has grown out of a fashion challenge Blythe Hill began four years ago. Basically, Dressember is a month of wearing a dress every day. This year, however, it isn’t just about stretching your creativity in the fashion department. This year’s Dressember is about opposing human trafficking by aligning with International Justice Mission. IJM is a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression.

I realized after I signed up, of course, my wardrobe is woefully lacking any kind of healthy dress population. Thankfully, I have awesome friends who’ve offered to loan me some frocks. Plus, we can repeat dresses. Another mind shift for me is the fact that I work from home. My work clothes are mostly yoga pants or PJs (depending on if I have to be seen in public or not). Heck, if I even get a shower, it’s a good day. This day two of Dressember falls on my first work day. I have to say, I actually feel a little more put together than usual. I can only believe this will have a positive effect on my work.

By participating in Dressember, my goal is to raise awareness and donations for IJM. That’s where you come in. You can help me out on a couple of different fronts. First, please share this post on your Facebook page, Google + page and tweet it like crazy. Also, please consider making a donation. You can do so here. All donations go straight to International Justice Mission. My donation goal is a humble one. I know Christmas is a tough time to ask for money. However, I would totally freak out if we could blow my donation goal out of the water.

Above all, please pray for the victims of human trafficking. Pray for the courageous individuals who make it their life’s work to pull these people out of the hell they are living and give them back the freedom and dignity they deserve.

Thanks so much!