The following post is an entry from my journal last year. I posted it on Facebook and didn’t think much about it. A friend told me that a mutual friend of ours saw it, and read it to their Bible study group. She shared that they were blessed by it. During a long overdue dinner with my friend last night, she brought up the subject of this entry. I am touched and humbled to think that something written from my heart would resonate with others – even a year later.


Many of us have been scrawling our New Years Resolutions over the past few days. Or maybe we’ve just mulled over a few options over in our heads without making any commitments. For me, this journal entry is a reminder of this: It’s great to have goals, but don’t ever let striving for them overshadow the reality of what we’ve already achieved.

Happy New Year!


Journal Entry: January 5th, 2013

I don’t mind the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes – they are the result of lots of laughter, a few tears and beautiful sunshine.

I don’t mind my thinning lips – they can still kiss those I love; they can still speak encouragement into those who hurt; they can still whisper prayers; and sing songs.

I like my wrinkled hands  they have been held much over the years.

I like my wide hips – they hold babies and toddlers well; and keep my pants from falling down when I forget to wear a belt.

I love my scarred left knee – it reminds me of tire swings and summer adventures.

I love my stretch marks – they remind me of my body’s ability to change; and are the result of the blessing and miracle of pregnancy.

I love my ugly feet – thy hold me up when I run; and have been known to break out into a skip every so often.

I love my body.

no matter what size

no matter what shape

no matter what age

no matter what.