I know we’re a few days into January, but the newness hasn’t worn off for me yet.

It’s weird. I can’t remember the last time I greeted the new year with such wide eyes and wonder. Maybe it’s because I’m taking my freelance writing in a bit of a new direction (more on that in a later post). Perhaps it’s because I’ve felt this constant bubbling in my soul that I can’t contribute to a single act. I feel like I’ve been let loose in a book store with endless credit (yeah, I’m a nerd and that would excite me greatly).

There are more days yet to greet me. I’m sure some may sadden me. Hopefully, they will strengthen me in the end. I expect to cry a little – maybe a lot. My hope is that the joyful tears will flow more abundantly than the others. If they don’t, that’s okay.

All experiences are a gift of life, and I will embrace them.

I declare today as my favorite day. I will do the same tomorrow. And the next.

For each day offers something unique and beautiful. I only need to seek it and lap up its goodness.