I don’t know how it happened. One day I was faithfully sending letters out to my Compassion International child each week, complete with coloring pages and stickers. The next thing I know, I receive this in the mail.


A gentle reminder from Compassion International


A little reminder that it’s been awhile.

I could attribute my lack of correspondence on the recent passing of my mother, which I’m honestly still reeling from. I feel like I’ve been in a grief vacuum since February 26th.

Truth be told, though, I haven’t written Rosemond a letter since Christmas. I pray for her several times a week (though not daily, as I had originally committed in my heart to do). We’re always on time with our monthly payment, so I know we’re at least helping with her physical needs right now. But meeting physical needs can only do so much.

Upon receiving my “why aren’t you writing?” notice, I promptly sat down and penned her a letter. After I mailed it, though, I couldn’t help but marinate in the thought that I could do more than a simple letter with coloring pages. I just needed to make the effort.

Thankfully, Compassion International offers tons of ideas on how to up my letter-writing game. From letter writing prompts provided on their website blog to lots of inspiration on their Pinterest board; Compassion has my writer’s block covered.

I’ve also read where other Compassion sponsors pick a certain day of the week to write to their child. Clearly, this is something I need to (and will) implement.

I’m so thankful for my “please write” postcard. We all get sidetracked sometimes. I’m glad to know someone is there to keep me accountable for my commitment. Although it takes very little time to write a letter, that minimal effort has a huge effect in the life of my Compassion child. I’ll not forget that from now on.

If you don’t think your letters matter, check out this video:


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