Photo credit: Joriel Jimenez, Creative Commons

Photo credit: Joriel Jimenez, Creative Commons

Usually I don’t mind Mondays. But it’s raining. Hard. Fighting the urge to crawl back under the covers seems futile.

However, I have a trick up my sleeve to keep me moving. In my mind’s eye I see where I want to be professionally – a successful travel copywriter with consistent work. I’ve penned my goals, created a business plan, and try to visualize it every day.

It’s paying off. Thanks to people like Carol Tice, Ed Gandia, Linda Formichelli, and Kim Garst, I have the tools and knowledge to craft my dream into a reality.

And this type of dream won’t materialize in my bed with my eyes closed.

What motivates you? Please share what inspires you to keep moving and keep aiming for your goals!

Happy Monday,