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When hammering out your marketing strategy for your travel or tourism business, you might be forgetting a key component. Hiring a professional copywriter.

“I can write blog posts and a few pages of our website!” you might say (with the very best of intentions). Here’s the reality. You’re busy running your business and working at making it successful. Your plate is already teeming with day to day responsibilities that come with that.

And let’s face it. You may be an absolute genius at what you do, but brand strategy and persuasive writing may not be in your wheelhouse.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional copywriter. Here are five important ones.

You aren’t a writer. 

Simply put – everyone can write, but not everyone should write. Copywriting isn’t just writing. Copywriters take into account your specific audience and brand message. They craft content that creates clarity and excitement about your brand. Well written content captivates the reader and incites them to act.

There’s a lot of noise in the digital world. A copywriter can help your business stand out from the masses. Your online content and marketing pieces reflect your company. If they aren’t up to standard, your prospective customers will move on. Professional content sells. Amateur content repels.

A copywriter incorporates SEO practices.

Through keyword research and analysis, copywriters can fully optimize your content without sacrificing the flow of text. Copywriters write for people and search engines. There’s a good chance you aren’t familiar with identifying keywords, creating title tags and meta-description tags, and making them fit without sounding goofy. Copywriters do. Their goal is to make your website visible to search engines and engage and connect with your potential customers.

A copywriter saves you time.

Business owners and busy marketing directors already have a stacked calendar just managing their daily tasks. Writing quality content takes time. Instead of spending a couple of days writing a blog post, a copywriter can probably write it within a few hours. Business owners are often so harried, they shove the writing to the bottom of the to do list and it never gets done. No fresh content equals missed opportunities.

A copywriter writes to sell and convert.

Copywriters use dynamic descriptions and strong calls-to-action to convey your brand’s message. A well written website motivates the reader to take the next step – download a free e-book, call you for a quote, or book a room or a tour.

A copywriter has a different perspective.

You have an intimate knowledge of your business, which can be a disadvantage from a content marketing perspective. It’s difficult for you to see your brand from a customer’s view point. A copywriter focuses on your company’s benefits and not just features. Copywriters ask those probing questions your potential customers will ask like Why should I care? and What’s in it for me?

Compelling content seals the deal, and can be your most effective marketing tool. Could a professional copywriter add that “umph”  your website and marketing materials? Let’s chat!

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